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Does Your Industrial Door Have The CE Mark?

As of 2013 it has become a mandatory legal requirement for industrial doors to be marked with the CE symbol in order to adhere to EU standards of safety. The Door and Hardware Federation (DHF) is responsible for setting the standards of health and safety when it comes to doors, gates, locks, and architectural hardware throughout the EU, and they have granted Downham Door Services the right to mark our goods with the CE.

What Is The Significance Of The CE Mark?

There is a need to ensure all goods travelling through the EU meet the same requirements of safety and reliability. While the CE mark is not a quality guarantee, it does ensure that certain critical aspects such as fire safety are performance guaranteed.

Products marked with the CE symbol do not pose unacceptable risks when it comes to accidents or damage while in operation. Doors are safeguarded against hazardous malfunctions thanks to innovative features such as anti-drop devices, accurate wind and enhanced resistance ratings, brake or balance systems, additional springs, and more.

Declaration Of Compliance

By branding a product with the CE mark the manufacture is declaring that they conform with all of the legal requirements of the EU, so the consumer can be sure that wherever their product comes from it complies with safety standards. This is a significant step in increasing safety standards on products manufactured both in and out of the UK, and at Downham Door Services we are proud to say we conform.

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