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Industrial Roller Shutters – Your Safety Guide


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The Health and Safety Executive have issued some guidelines regarding the use of industrial roller shutters, including maintenance and modifications. We thought we would give you a quick overview of the regulations you need to be following. You can find more information in Regulation 5 and 18 of the Workplace Regulations.


When modifications are made to your doors, a design risk assessment should be undertaken which includes any potential risks to the general public, children, and workers. The risk varies depending on the type of door you are modifying; if your door is preventing access to a car park, factory or warehouse, or if the degree of automation of the roller shutter door is high, the risk will be greater.

If you make any changes to your doors that affect the control or the operation of the door, the person who made the modifications will need to CE mark the door. Below is a list of modifications that would require a CE marking:

  • - The addition of an automatic control system

  • - The addition of safety devices

  • - An increase in voltages of motors or control systems

Below is a list of modifications where a new CE marking would not be required:

  • - A replacement of the door in exactly the same model

  • - The replacement of a door leaf

  • - The addition of a plate to make the bottom rail slope


It is also a requirement for all workplace equipment, devices and systems to be maintained appropriately – including all powered doors. This means that all systems need to be in good working order at all times and repaired immediately if broken. This includes comprehensive cleaning maintenance as well as operational maintenance and servicing.


Records of servicing, repair and testing should be kept for future reference of the work that has been done on the equipment. If possible, the exact settings, such as force limitation, should also be recorded to ensure the safety of users.

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