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Quality Doors at Downham: Of all the doors fitted throughout a property, the fire door is probably the most important. Here at Downham Door Services, Kings Lynn, our doors are designed and built to the highest specification. There are a plethora of basic regulations, which apply to the construction of all types of fire door across the country.

These regulations, known as approved documents are the minimum criteria required. Here at Downham we believe our doors are designed and built to a quality far above the minimum.

Standard or Custom, we have the solution:

Fire doors today are required to provide more than just the basic requirement of holding back fire. Other regulations include sufficient ventilation, sound proofing, accessibility, safety glazing and thermal efficiency.

It has been proven time and again that quality fire control doors have paid a big part in protecting property and saving life. Giving occupants that extra few minutes to evacuate a property, and the emergency services more time to organise.

In all commercial and industrial properties, hospitals, nursing homes, hotels and boarding houses fire doors are compulsory, and have to meet the required regulations. In residential properties they are an additional safety feature to keep your family that little bit safer.

Here at Downham, Kings Lynn, our range of made to measure doors are produced as standard from 1.6m, rust proof ‘zintec’ steel. In a variety of styles they are available as single or a double door set. We can also supply door closers, drop bars and d handles. Should you have specific requirements, please contact us on 01366 347669, or use the contact form available on our website.

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