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Five Essential Security Tips For Your Business

Security is vital to all aspects of our lives, but particularly for your businesses as leaving it vulnerable can put your entire livelihood at stake. You may think that your business is an unlikely target but all sorts of businesses can experience break-ins, whether it is for cash, stock or data. Here are a few ways to increase security in your business.

Anti-virus & Passwords

Start your clamp down on security from the inside. Dependent on your business, your data may be the most crucial asset and if it’s tampered with it could leave customers’ information vulnerable. The simplest way to protect your data is with highly secure passwords. Aim to make strong, unbreakable passwords and change them regularly. Anti-virus software should also be installed onto all business computers to provide protection from spyware.

Security Lighting

Outdoor security lighting can be a huge deterrent for burglars. If you have motion sensors fitted and programmed to flood the area with light it puts a dampener on a criminal’s plans to take advantage of the dark. Even if they do continue, there is a greater chance that someone will see them and be able to identify the culprit.


Safes are a great way to store your business’s most valuable items and assets securely. Install one somewhere that is not easily accessible or visible and try to tell the pass code to as few members of staff as possible. As with computer passwords, change it regularly.

Alarms & Access Control

For any business, a security alarm is essential, particularly if you keep cash on the premises. The ideal option is a monitored system so you know that someone is alerted immediately if something untoward happens. We’d also recommend keeping control over who enters the building with an access control system; here at Downham Doors we offer a variety of security options with our doors including swipe card systems and digital code panels.

Secure Doors & Windows

Make sure that your doors and windows are secure! It may seem very basic but a lot of people pay little attention to the type of door they install on their premises. For the highest security, we would recommend roller shutter doors or security shutters. These robust products are built to keep intruders out and keep your premises safe.
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