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Speed Doors & Roller Shutters: The Environmental Benefits To Your Business

Roller shutters have been a key part of industrial and warehouse businesses for a number of years, providing a large access point with a compact and automatic door. However, recently the popularity of speed doors (which have opening and closing ranges of between 3 and 6 seconds) has skyrocketed – so what benefits does choosing them offer your business?

Fantastic Energy Saving Benefits

One of the main benefits from installing high speed doors and roller shutters is the reduction in environmental impact and potential energy saving costs. The UK’s Carbon Trust has backed rapid roll doors for a number of years, and estimate that companies could make savings of up to 20% on the heating and cooling energy used.

For example, if an old roller shutter was open for a total of around 30 hours per week with a new high-speed iteration only open for 5 hours a week, there’s a potential saving of more than 51,000kWh a year – the organisations estimates this could equate to over £1,500 in annual savings, in an online guide.

Whether your building requires very specific temperature control, or standard roller shutters have had a drastic effect on your energy consumption, then high speed doors are a fantastic solution – reducing your site’s impact on the environment, and bringing down your energy usage and costs as well.

Increased Commercial Security

As well as the significant environmental benefits, as demonstrated by the Carbon Trust, speed doors still offer fantastic security for your business.

By better controlling the frequency at which your industrial or warehouse doors are open, you’re also able to much more effectively control security and keep your business safe. With old-style roller doors, it was very easy for them to be left open for long periods of time – creating easy access to your site.

However, with high speed doors there is no such risk as the length of time the door is open for is greatly reduced. Our range of products here at Downham Doors are also constructed using durable, reliable high-grade materials to offer maximum security and peace of mind.

Whether you’re considering high speed roller shutters for your business for environmental, energy saving or security reasons, look no further than our range of fantastic doors and professional installations here at Downham Doors. For more information on our products and available services, simply call us on 01366 347669 or contact us via our website.

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