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Texas Explosion Traced Back to Fire

As rescue efforts continue in the wake of a massive explosion at a fertilizer plant in Texas, authorities have traced the initial cause of the blast back to a fire in the plant. Police are treating the entire site as a crime scene, but state that they believe the fire was accidental.

The explosion, which rocked the local area with the force of an earthquake, has also raised concerns over the dangerous chemicals that were stored on site. A team has been stationed in the area to monitor any hazardous emissions that may have leaked into the atmosphere as a result of the incident.

This sad news is only the latest in a string of recent reports regarding fires and explosions around the world, and highlights how vitally important it is for businesses to have adequate fire safety facilities in place.

With the correct fire doors you can provide your staff with 2 hours of protection, giving them time to evacuate to a safe distance while the emergency services come to your assistance. If your premises house hazardous chemicals, it is especially important to ensure that these areas are sufficiently protected.

Industrial fire-rated roller shutters are automatically triggered by fire alarms, and will effectively isolate a fire and prevent its spread. Even in the event of an accidental fire, adequate fire doors can give you real peace of mind with regards to protecting your own staff and the occupants of any surrounding buildings.

Here at Downham Doors we supply custom manufactured fire doors in Cambridge and the surrounding areas, so we understand what a difference it can make. To find out more about how we can protect your business, call us on 01366 347669 or fill in our online contact form.

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