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Get The Right Doors For Your Business: Quick Guide To Industrial Doors

Protecting your commercial property, your products and your equipment are critical to your business success, but for that to happen you need to have the right kind of industrial doors—whether that’s industrial garage doors, industrial shutters, sectional doors, or speed doors.
And that’s where this quick guide will help you: by revealing the benefits and key differences between speed doors, shutter doors, and sectional doors.

Speed doors

Speed doors open and shut within a few seconds, which lowers the risk of temperature changes and contamination.
That makes these doors ideal if you run a food manufacturing or food distribution business or a restaurant because they not only help to maintain temperatures in heat-sensitive environments but also prevent contamination.
That makes them a great choice for factories and distribution centres too.

They’re perfect for:

  • Maintaining low stable temperatures in cold rooms and storage units
  • High traffic areas (loading bays, for example)
  • Businesses involved in food manufacturing, food distribution, food preparation
  • Energy saving
  • Preventing contamination from vermin, insects, birds, debris and dust

Roller shutter doors

Roller shutter doors have long been used in the retail and industrial sectors but they’re now becoming a popular choice for offices too.
One of the reasons for that is roller shutter doors (apart from providing a secure barrier against thieves and intruders) help to cut your energy costs.
Companies can save up to 20% of the amount they spend on heating and air conditioning every year by using roller shutter doors, according to the UK’s Carbon Trust.

Roller shutter doors:

  • Give exceptional security again burglars and intruders
  • Provide energy saving (due to their insulation they provide protection from excessive heat in summer and cold in winter)
  • Reduce noise transmission
  • Open and shut at high speeds

Sectional Doors

These vertically-opening doors are ideal for businesses where space is an issue. Because they open vertically, they allow you more space both in front of and behind the access door.
That means vehicles can park closer to the door opening and you save space inside the building.

This makes them ideal for:

  • Garages
  • WorkshopsWarehouses
  • Emergency services (fire stations, for example)
  • They’re an attractive security solution for buildings with glass ceilings or glass facades.
  • The benefits of sectional doors are that they:
  • Save you space
  • Offer high levels of insulation
  • Are robust enough to cope with heavy use (frequent open/shut cycles)

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