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Automatic & High Speed Doors Cambridge (Sliding & Roll Up Doors)

If you are searching for automatic doors in Cambridge the chances are you are looking for a professional, fast service for the needs of your commercial property. Automatic doors are increasingly becoming the 'norm' on commercial properties, and Downham Door Services employ a wide range of staff that can install many different types of door.

Downham Door Services offer a great solution in providing speed doors for businesses that have a high turnover of people entering and exiting the building (such as retailers) they act as a quick and efficient way to get the customer from the street outside into your business or showroom. Downham Door Services is also a manufacturer and can make custom doors for the needs of your business. This means we can personally consult you on not only basics like size and shape, but also things like visibility.

What are Speed Doors?

Speed doors can be manufactured by Downham Door Services to have an open and closing range within 3 - 6 seconds. Downham Door Services have even previously supplied doors that work to open and close within reference of the temperature. For maximum efficiency, we can tailor make the doors for your needs rather than use doors we get from suppliers.

Why choose Downham Door Services?

Downham Door Services offer a fast, professional service in Cambridge with highly trained staff including door system engineers. We are friendly and approachable, and will even supply a risk assessment for each door so that your door complies with safe working practice.

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