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If you are looking for a specialist door for your commercial property then at Downham Door Services we can help. We have a great range of fire doors which we are able to install and maintain whilst on your property to ensure you have the appropriate protection in the event of a fire. Our doors are designed to provide hermetic sealing to create a closed compartment and protect against flames and stop the spread of fire.

It is a legal requirement for any work space that is open to the public to have a fire door fitted as part of the building's passive fire protection system. There are several regulations which must be adhered to when fitting these doors – we make sure that all of our staff are trained to the highest standard to ensure that we are able to assist in every aspect of your door installation.

Specialist Installers

At Downham we tailor our services around you which means that we custom make and assemble each door individually, making sure that it fits perfectly in the specified area - we are also able to provide all certification and regulatory testing documentation.

We are based just a short distance from Boston and regularly provide fire doors to a range of industries and businesses within the area. For a free quote or to speak to one of our friendly members of staff you can give us a call on 01366 347669.

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