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Fire doors are a must for all commercial properties and having them installed at home can also give you peace of mind. However, making sure that they meet the necessary standards to satisfy fire regulations is essential. If you're based in Bury St Edmunds or the surrounding area, and you're planning to get new fire doors in your place of work or within a residential property, don't leave the details to chance – trust us here at Downham Door Services. With more than 30 years' experience in door manufacturing, we have the specialist knowledge you need. All of the fire doors in our impressive range are designed to meet the highest specifications, and our professional fitters are fully qualified.

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Whether you need fire doors for an office, factory, hotel, hospital or nursing home in, or near Bury St Edmunds, we can help. Our standard doors are made from 1.6m Zintec steel, and are rustproof for convenience. They are soundproof and thermally efficient enough to meet regulatory requirements too. We also manufacture customised single or double doors in various styles and sizes, and can fit them with drop bars, 'D handles' or door closing mechanisms to suit your individual needs. Whether you have something specific in mind, or just want some advice and an estimate, our team members are on hand to help.

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