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Supplying Fire Doors in Cambridge

Downham Door Services is now operating in the Cambridge area, bringing expertise and professionalism to new-build or re-structuring projects. Downham Door Services is a long-established company specialised in the installation, monitoring and maintenance of heavy-duty doors. Alongside steel doors, industrial roller shutters and automatic doors, Downham Door Services is specialised in the installation of fire doors.

All premises that are in any way work spaces or open to the public, including hotels and blocks of flats, are required by law to have fire doors fitted as part of the building's passive fire protection system. These doors are specially assembled to provide hermetic sealing against the onslaught of flames, sparks and smoke, creating a closed compartment, which effectively stops the spread of the fire.

Fire Stopping Doors

The production and installation of a fire door is a specialisation, which follows strict standards and regulations. A fire-stopping door is constructed as one single unit, including all ironmongery (hinges, latches, etc), sealing components and any glazed elements, to ensure that all fits perfectly when the door closes. Due to the very nature of such close-fitting doors, each door is custom made and assembled specifically for a particular location. The regulatory testing and certification of the door is part of the initial installation.

The production of this precision-crafted article is what Downham Door Services now delivers in the Cambridge area. Local businesses, factories, schools, hospitals and similar buildings can benefit from having a first-class professional service nearby. To get a free quotation, or to request further information, please call or use the contact form on this page.

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