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Downham Door Services specialise in the design and installation of doors for industrial premises, schools, warehouses, shops, offices and other buildings where a high degree of security and safety are required. We have over 30 years experience in the supply of doors for these applications.

Whilst we have an extensive stock of standard items, we have a consultative approach to service, which involves considering the needs of each individual customer. We are more than happy to design bespoke solutions that take into account the needs of the premises.

Fire doors are an important consideration in the construction of business premises. Their installation can slow the passage of smoke and heat throughout the premises, helping to control the spread of fire and allowing occupants time to reach safety. The addition of fire doors can also mitigate damage to the premises in the event of fire.

Effective Fire Defense Doors

Our doors are made from 1.6 mm Zintec steel, which is rust-proof to ensure that the doors are attractive as well as functional. We can provide single and double doors as well as a range of additional options such as closers, D-handles and drop bars. We are aware that as well as fire resistance, customers may have additional requirements for the doors.

We use only the best local materials in the design of our doors, which we manufacture and install ourselves. We are able to discuss the requirements of premises in the Peterborough area, and we provide a free no-obligation quote for stock or bespoke solutions.

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