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Boasting over thirty years of experience in this competitive market, Downham Door Services is proud to offer a wide selection of quality industrial doors to a growing number of clients within Cambridge and the surrounding areas. Of course, the needs of each unique business are quite different. We therefore aim to offer bespoke services that will address very specific requirements. These doors are fire rated and quite secure; ideal for any number of purposes. As we are able to manufacture the units to exacting specifications, numerous dimensions can be accommodated. In this way, the phrase "one size fits all" is indeed appropriate in regards to the services that we offer.

Specialising in Industrial Door Repair and Maintenance

One of the reasons why Cambridge properties have chosen our services is that Downham Door Services also provides professional industrial door repair and maintenance services. Over time, doors can suffer from a number of conditions. Whether as a result of an accident, a loss of power or simple wear and tear, our teams will offer numerous options in regards to repairs or even a complete replacement. As with our other specialties, there is no task too large or too small that we cannot handle. The customer can therefore remain confident that their needs are the top priority.

Have you been searching for a quality supplier of industrial doors for your property? Perhaps your current industrial door repair service is unreliable or does not provide adequate levels of expertise. If so, please do not hesitate to contact Downham Door Services directly with any enquiries. We will be happy to help.

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