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Steel Doors in Cambridge

Downham Door Services is a specialised company with a thirty-year history in the production and installation of steel doors, security doors, roller doors and fire doors. Now its services are available in the Cambridge area; local businesses, factories, warehouses, hotels, offices and industrial enterprises in Cambridge can now benefit from Downham's expertise.

Manufactured from top-quality steel, Downham's massive heavy-duty steel doors are a visible warning that a building is well protected; the very presence of a steel door is a deterrent to would-be wrongdoers. Any foolish attempt at breaking and entering would be miserably doomed. Downham Door Services are maximum security: apart from triggering the alarm system, the intricateness of the security locking systems and the sheer massiveness of the door would make a forced entry impossible.

Also Providing Security Doors

For everyday business there are normal entry systems and access control, with extra locking options such as five lever mortice locks and deadlocks, which are high-security locks recommended by the police and by insurance companies for top-level building security. Each security door is custom made for one particular location and the locking systems are options; Downham experts can advise about the best solution for each individual door installation.

These doors can also serve as fire doors and insulated doors, in either single or double-door format. Ideally, they are included in new-build projects but they can easily be fitted into existing door spaces. Whatever your project or your needs, Downham has the right door for you. For further information or a quotation please call or use the contact form on this page.

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